It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.


"Oh, what a sight. Little McKinnon crying over her dead brother," Bellatrix said, the smirk audible in her voice. Marlene’s tear-stained face snapped up at the voice, her eyes finding Bellatrix in the darkness. Her hand moved into her pocket, but before she’d gotten the back to grab it, the other witch had summoned it. "It’s pathetic, really," Bellatrix continued. "It’s not like crying’s going to bring him back."

"I told you last time we crossed paths to leave my family alone!" Marlene said, her voice hoarse from crying. It seemed that was all she was doing recently - crying. With all of her family being killed off - starting with her mother, following with her father, older sister, and her three younger sisters (not to mention Dorcas) - it seemed she didn’t have any reason not to cry. "You should’ve killed me! Not Mark! He’s done nothing to you!"

Bellatrix snorted. “This isn’t a game of revenge, dear. This is all about what side you’re on, and your brother is - or should I say, was - on the wrong side, therefore, he’s dead.”

Marlene stared at the older girl in front of her for a moment before she made some noise of rage and moved to attack Bellatrix - which she knew was pointless without her wand, but at least she would die fighting. Without thinking much of the action, Bellatrix waved her arm and after a flash of green light, Marlene was lying on the ground dead. 

Bellatrix smugly walked over and kicked Marlene’s side lightly. “Don’t worry, McKinnon, your little lover boy will be joining you soon.  I’ve been waiting to kill my idiotic cousin for ages.”


arrow graphic battle | 1x22 vs. 2x21 City of Blood

cheekyhook vs ohlicity

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The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

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Teen Wolf: funny moments

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House Week |  Day 7 - Anything Goes:  House + Funny Quotes.

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson during Age of Ultron Comic Con panel (x)

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